HP Envy 4520 Ink Cartridges Install


How to check the estimated ink levels from the printer’s control panel?

  1. Slide your fingers across the control panel screen and then select Setup.
  2. Choose Tools from the options listed and then tap on Display Estimated Ink Levels.

How to replace the ink cartridges?

  1. Ensure that your HP printer is switched on.
  2. Open the access door of the ink cartridge.
  3. To release the ink cartridge, press the front of the cartridge and then remove it gently from the slot.
  4. Unpack the new ink cartridges.
  5. Slide in the ink cartridges according to the colors until you have installed the cartridges carefully in its place.
  6. Repeat the above mentioned steps for all the ink cartridges.
  7. After installing your ink cartridges, close the access door.

How to disable the usage information function?

  1. Slide your fingers across the printer’s control panel and then click on Setup.
  2. Choose Tools and then tap on Cartridge Chip Information.
  3. Touch the OK option to disable the usage information collection.

HP Envy 4520 Ink Cartridges Issues

 If your hp printer shows an error light in the printer’s control panel, please don’t panic. Here are some solutions:

 Firstly, check for the ink levels. If any of the ink cartridges or all the ink levels are low, then change the specific ink cartridge.

 For best quality prints, always use hp ink cartridges, which are made to work with the specific hp printer model. Each different model has different ink cartridges provided by the hp printers. You can get them from HP Sure Supply easily.

 Check whether you have installed the ink cartridges in the holders properly. Keep your printer turned on. Without turning off your printer, open the cartridge access door. Wait until the cartridges become idle and then place your finger over the cartridges. Slowly, move your finger over the cartridges and see whether all the cartridges are placed equally. If any of the ink cartridge is little bit raised from its position, please correct it. Reinsert the cartridges for several times. Try to print now.

 Open the cartridge access door and take away the cartridges from the holders. Make sure that no packing materials are left in the cartridges. Then, take a clean, wet cloth and clean the electrical contacts in the cartridges. Allow it to dry for some time. Reinstall them in the holders again. Try printing now.