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The first step is to Unbox your HP Printer, plug in the HP printer Power Chord and install the attached Ink cartridge to the printer then run a Test page to check the quality of Ink. Connect the USB cable with the computer if it is attached with the printer and insert the papers to the printer.123.hp.com/setup


Use the disk drive to insert the CD which came with the printer and run the programs to install the printer driver essential software’s to your computer after the program is installed it will give you the option to make it as Wired, Wireless and Ethernet choose the comfortable option to print from any device.123.hp.com/setup


Make sure the printer is connected with the wireless network. If it’s not connect it with your preferred network. Check the Blue light, if the light is solid the printer is connected with the network and if it is blinking then it’s not connected with the wireless network. Then you need to connect to your network again.123.hp.com/setup

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HP Envy 4500


HP Envy is one of the friendly and perfect inkjet printer for the home and small office users. With the options of Copy, Fax, Scan with a touch screen control panel. Fits everywhere with a new style. Performs with a wired or wireless efficiency from your computers and all the mobile devices. Easy way to manually activate the wireless OFF and ON. Provide you the best quality printing experience similar to The HP top end printers.


If you’re looking for a fast printer with outstanding abilities and a unique look to your office or Home, then this is the HP Officejet Printers Which suits everywhere with a little amount of space in a fresh look with the perfect quality for printing even the best resolution images. The Printer is made by thermal Inkjet print technology which is ready for printing on different file types. Always one of the Best in printers.

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123.hp.com/setup 6830


If you have lots of work to do with the printer from Home or Office, your HP Officejet Pro provides you the solution with the compact design and some unique abilities which can be found only from Officejet Pro printers. As per your preference it is possible to switch it to wired or wireless. It will fit in your preferred place and Gives you the best image quality with a perfect print even from your Mobile devices also.


Specially made for the Home Users for those who prefer to have a personal printer. Easy to print when its needed. Outstanding design and color which will fit your place in a Unique way. Available now in market with a lots different wired and wireless series, looks and models. Which available market with an unimaginable price for all types of users



For Windows 8.1 operating system can connect the printer by Installing the printer driver on your Windows 8.1 allows you to go through the full efficiency of the printer from the operating system. Downloading it from the online is a little confusing task for the freshers but for making it simple your 123 HP Printer comes with a CD for completing the installation in an easy and quick way. Insert the disk on the 8.1 operating system and wait for the pop up to show after you see the Popup click and continue the following instruction as per the command to install the printer software in your operating system. After the installation is completed You will get option to select the wired, wireless and ethernet option to choose. Choose the comfortable option and start to print your documents.You can download Driver from 123.hp.com


Windows 10 operating system is having the similar method and process same as like windows 8.1 for installing the printer software’s, Insert the CD in the disk drive and install the software or if you don’t have a CD or Disk drive in the computer in that time you can go to the official site and get the needed printer software by downloading it. After the software is downloaded open the downloaded file and run the program in your windows 10 operating system. It will show you some Pop ups and the Terms and conditions. Accept the terms and conditions and click next the essential software’s will get installed in your windows 10 operating system. Now choose the comfortable way to select your printing option and start to print from Windows 10 operating system computer.

123 HP Printer Setup

  • Expel your 123 HP Printer device from the printer box for the printer setup initiation and start exploring the accessories provided.
  • Begin the power cord connection by connecting one end of the cable to the printer and the other end to the power source.
  • Open up the cartridge door and insert the ink cartridges offered with your printer, make sure you fit the cartridge properly with the copper coloredcontacts faced.
  • After following the steps for the new cartridges close the carriage access door and proceed with the paper loading.
  • Pull the paper tray and feed the paper with accurate paper width guides and then draw smoothly the extended tray to support printing.
  • Provide the necessary print alignments with the printer modifications for the seamless printing qualities, then click on print option and enjoy using HP printers.HP Latest driver download from 123.hp.com/setup

123 HP Software Installation

  • Look for the  HP Driver CD inside the printer box or visit the official site of HP 123.hp.com for the driver installation.
  • Gather your hp printer model and the entire system configuration for the accurate download of printer driver, if you are not sure about the specifications use the HP Easy start for downloading the driver effortlessly.
  • Utilize the updated software for the extended features of your printer, click download and initiate the driver installation.
  • Run the driver file from the download folder and start installing by following the instructions, remove the USB cables connected to your printer from the computer during the process.
  • At the end of the installation the installer will prompt you to connect the USB cable and choose the mode of connection as per your wish.
  • After the successful installation of the driver chooser the print types either as black or color prints and perform the print job.latest driver & manuals download from 123.hp.com/setup

HP Printer Wireless Setup Prepare for Installation

  • Gather your network name and network password that you wish to connect to 123.hp.com/setup Printer and perform the wireless feature.
  • Light up the Router, printer and computer power and connect the printer to the same network with which computer is connected.
  • The other name for network name and password is SSID and WEP or WPA security passphrase respectively, Detach the USB or Ethernet cables from your printer as you will be prompted the right connection type for the wireless setup.
  • Examine the HP Printer control panel for the wireless setup wizards as they present only on the touch screen types, other than that wireless setup is also available in some other means.

Connect to the Wireless Network

  • Navigate through your 123 HP printer control panel and select the wireless option on the board, this leads you to the wireless setup wizard within the wireless settings.
  • Look for your network name and touch your network name from the list of network names displayed.
  • Sometimes you can’t find your network name in that case manually search the network by entering the network name.
  • After that use the WPA or WPA2 passphrases to connect to the network with the latest version of HP printer driver software for the extended features.
  • After the successful completion of wireless setup do test prints and ensure the 123.hp.com Printer’s performance.

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