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HP Envy 4500 All in One series printer setup

HP Envy 4500 is a compactable and easy to use all-in-one printer which will suit at all types of locations with a unique Design. Envy 4500 provided with the direct options likeCopy, Fax, Scan etc. For the fastest performance without any disruption. Affordable praise for the fast printing and the perfect quality for every use. The Printer is made by thermal Inkjet print technology which is ready for printing on different file types. In Envy 4500 Colors work with two Ink cartridges they are black ink cartridge and Tri Ink cartridge for providing high perfection. Printer made with an Input Tray which can handle 60 sheets of paper and an Output Tray with 25 sheets of paper handling capacity. since it is integrated with an Automatic Form Feeder that can handle a capacity of 35 sheets of paper.

Envy 4500 is having a touch screen control panel with 2.2-inch display which is attached with a Soft frame. Now you can use the Printer without the help of the computer by using the control panel features of the printer. Envy 4500 have the efficiency to get connected with your wireless network to print wirelessly With using multiple devices even with your Mobile phone. Printer can convert the USB cable connection into wireless connection. Envy 4500 Fax have the capacity to store 100 faxes and transmits faxesalso, with an equal storage capacity. Office jet can print your documents from wherever you are just by having a simple internet connection on a secure clod-based services. You can print your documents or photos simple by emailing them to your Envy 4500 printers.