HP amp 120 Wireless Connection


The wireless test you are conducting will provide information on printer status, MAC address and IP address.

How to print the wireless test report?

  1. Tap on Wireless option from the printer’s control panel.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. From the list of options available, choose Print Reports.
  4. Click on Print Wireless Test Report.

How to switch on or off the wireless capability of the printer?

  1. Slide your fingers across the printer’s control panel display screen and then touch Setup.
  2. Now, select Network Setup.
  3. Choose the Wireless Settings.
  4. Tap Wireless option to switch on or off the radio.

How to set link speed?

  1. Slide your fingers across the HP AMP 120 Printer display screen and then select Setup
  2. From the options available, choose Network Setup.
  3. Tap on Ethernet Settings.
  4. Select Advanced Setup and then choose Link Speed.
  5. Now, choose the appropriate speed option that matched your network hardware.