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ePrint Setup

Procedure to setup Air print
Air Print Setup is an easy way to connect your IOS Mobile phones and Officejet 8040 printer. Make sure that your IOS Phone and Officejet 8040 printer is connected to the same WIFI network, Open the Document or Photo which you want to print in your IOS Phone and select the option prints. Choose the Officejet 8040 printer which you want to print. If your printer is not listed allow your device to scan and choose the Officejet 8040 printer name when it shows in the list of printers. Select the printer and choose Air Print option to print wirelessly from your IOS to Officejet 8040 printer.

Airprint Setup

Eprint is a Hitech technology which is used for HP Officejet 8040 Printers to print from anywhere from any place with the help of the internet it’s like a cloud-based service. Use the Oj8040 printer control panel to activate the Eprint facility by accessing the tools option in control panel, Attach the email address to your Eprint. That’s all your done with Eprint setup. Simply email the photo or document to the Officejet 8040 printer from anywhere your Oj8040 printer will start to print the documents or photo which emailed.You can download latest 123 HP Setup 8040 Printer Driver and Manuals from or 123.hp.com/setup 8040.

123.hp.com/setup 8040